There are a lot of stories and photos that go around on the Internet. Unfortunately, many are hoaxes or at the very least the back stories have been embellished. But every now and then, things are, in fact, just as they seem to be.

The above photo is described as a New York City police officer who noticed a homeless man barefoot in the chilly late Autumn outdoors, so the cop went into a shoe store and bought the man socks and boots and helped him put them on.

I'll be honest, I'm a cynic by nature, so at first I thought that someone just made up a nice story to go along with a picture that someone snapped of a police officer speaking to a homeless man.

To show that cynicism, while a good defense mechanism, isn't always the best first reaction, it turns out that the story is true. Click here to read the back story and for quotes from the officer himself over at Huffington Post.

It never hurts to do at least a little research before passing something around, but it's always nice to see a story of human kindness to be exactly what it purports to be.