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It was on this day 76 years ago in 1937 an Oklahoma grocery store owner invented the shopping cart.  Can you even imagine where we'd be without these carts.The first shopping cart was a metal frame that held two wire baskets.  The inventor, Sylvan Goldman, wanted to make shopping easier for the customer so they would visit the store more frequently, and buy more. Unfortunately, the customers didn’t want to use the carts. Young men thought they would seem weak and young women felt the carts were unfashionable.  Well I can speak for a woman who uses the carts, I think a bright pink one would be cool!  It would match my outfit perfectly.

Imagine going into the grocery store or any store where you need a cart and then imagine going into the grocery store without a grocery carts, what would we do?  Now granted, some make loud noises, some have only 3 wheels working and some have cars attatched to them, but I'm thankful for grocery carts.  Man, I always get that the cart where that one wheel doesn't work.