You probably have heard of Twitter in someway by now.  So I thought It would be funny if I would ask my Mom and Dad if they knew what Twitter was.

So I say, "Mom, Do you know what Twitter is and what does Twitter mean to you"?  She said, "Twitter, doesn't that mean when you type something really fast or wait a second is that a brand of salad dressing".  I can't make this up.

Then I asked my Dad, "Dad what does Twitter mean to you"?  He says, "Is that a bad word, does that have something to do with "whoopie" Sue".  Oh my --totally laughing now because, weird hearing Dad say that word.  And I don't think he meant a whoopie pie. 

So to answer my own Mom and Dad have no idea what Twitter is.

Anyway yesterday was 7 years for Twitter.  It's become a huge social outlet for so many.  It's how you can follow your favorite stars, authors, musicians and even us here at the radio station.

The #1 person with the most followers...can you guess?  Justin Bieber, he has more then 30.6 million followers. 


Do you Tweet?  Can you be bothered?