Happy 51st Anniverary to my parents, Marilyn and Frank......

Wow 51 years together.  They are both 73 years old,  soon to be 74, both graduated from the same High School and  High School Class.  My Mom a cheerleader and Dad (before he hurt his knee) was on the football team.  A match made in heaven. (They'd say, "Somedays.") Even with all the ups and downs and the arguments that comes with 51 years together....the connection between them is amazing.  If you think about it, they've been together longer with each other than not.

In 1961 when my parents got married...

John F. Kennedy was Peresident of the United States.

The Twist was the most popular dance.

Barbie gets a boyfriend when the Ken doll was introduced.

The Average yearly income was $5, 735.

The cost of a new house was $12, 500.

The cost of a first class stamp was $.04.

The FM Stereo was introduced.

Celebrities born in 1961...George Clooney, Heather Locklear and Princess Diana.

Popular TV Shows in 1961..."Mr. Ed" and "The Andy Griffith Show"

West Side Story was adapted for the big screen. 

My brother and I are so lucky to have both of you and to still see your love everyday is a gift for us and our family.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad.