Every single day we hear people that we've heard dozens, if not hundreds of times before without even realizing it. There are a handful of voiceover artists who have been doing what they do for decades, mostly anonymously. A few days ago, we lost one of the giants in the business.

You probably don't know Hal Douglas by name, but I guarantee that you've heard his voice before. From TV to movies and dozens of other mediums, Hal's voice is instantly recognizable. Take a listen below, I guarantee you'll recognize his voice immediately:


As an aspiring voiceover artist myself, I see people like Hal Douglas and Don LaFontaine as icons of the industry, and can only hope to achieve a fraction of their body of work. One of the cool things to think about with voice work is that fact that, even long after you're gone, your voice will continue to live on.

Rest in peace, Hal Douglas.