In an effort to get dangerous weapons off the streets, a gun buy back program is set for this week in Monmouth County. 

Robert Tinker, Getty Images

Officials from the State Attorney General's Office, along with state and local police, will be collecting them at two sites in Asbury Park and Keansburg tomorrow and Saturday.

The program allows participants to turn in up to three guns and receive anywhere from $50 to $250, depending on the type of gun and its condition.  It's the fourth program in the state this year. The first three took place in Camden, Trenton and Essex County.

State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says "we are overwhelmed at the numbers of weapons collected so far. This is one feature to reduce gun violence throughout New Jersey. So in addition to the drug cases that we do and the gang cases that we do and the gun trafficking cases that we do, this is another feature where we get at guns in New Jersey by offering people a chance to bring their guns in and taking them out of circulation and reducing the risk that people who live in the communities who are most affected by gun violence."

Participants should make sure the weapon is not loaded before turning it in. Any ammunition should be removed from the weapon and be safely secured in a case if possible.  Once at the site, the guns will be taken by police officers where they will be taken through an evaluation process to determine its value.

The program is a cooperative effort with the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office, New Jersey State Police, the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office and the faith-based community in Monmouth County.  It's funded by The State Forfeiture Fund that accumulates money from violent criminals, drug dealers, gun traffickers and others where assets are seized and converted into cash to be used for specific types of programs.

Tomorrow, the locations include the Shiloh Community Fellowship Ministry in Asbury Park and a building at 179 Carr Avenue in Keansburg.  Then on Saturday, back at the Shiloh spot in Asbury and the Saint Ann Church in Keansburg.  It runs from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. both days.

For more information, visit go to the web site at or call 609-984-5828