Do you enjoy this time of year to get outdoors?

So this is a two part question ... Do you enjoy late Autumn/Early Winter to get outdoors ? and what are some of your favorite spots here at the Shore to go this time of year ?

What I like about hiking this time of year is that ALL our insect friends have gone on vacation for the Winter! Nothing worse then hitting the Pine Barrens in Summer and getting eaten alive. Colors are beginning to fade , but still some nice views before leaves drop completely. I enjoy the colder air too, feels good on the lungs.

Some things I always need for "cold" weather hiking

  • Gloves - Protect your hands
  • Proper Shoes - Things get slippery with lotta leaves, ice and snow. Make sure your have shoes with good traction
  • Layers - Just like anytime your in cold weather, layers of clothing always keep your warmest.
  • Hat - You lose so much heat through your noggin and ears can get mighty cold!
  • Communication - Just in-case of an emergency, I always have a well charged cell phone in the pocket! Plus easy photo taking and sharing.

Simple stuff , but being stranded in the middle of nowhere in Winter is NOT a good thing , so better to be prepared.

If your out and about hiking and wanna share your photos please email them to me @

Here are some photos from a recent hike at Wells Mills County Park in Waretown.