The grandmother of the young boy placed in a Camden laundromat’s washer says he was with his babysitter, not his father.



Boy being placed in laundromat in screen shot from surveillance(YouTube)

WPVI TV says they spoke with the unidentified boy’s grandmother outside the Camden police department who says it was the female babysitter’s male friend put the boy into the washing machine at the Federal Laundromat in Camden.

She says the family found out about the incident after seeing the video played on television and they do not know the male in the video. “Epic Parenting Fail at a Laundromat.”

The man was apparently playing a game with the little boy, who is possibly only 1-year-old, when he put the boy in the washer. Both he and the woman, identified by the grandmother as the babysitter, quickly realized the spin cycle was on and the child was trapped.

The laundromat says the man didn’t realize the machine had already been filled with money so when he loaded his child in and locked the door the washer started.

“He was very scared and was like ‘oh, I’m in trouble,’” Chhour said.

Laundromat worker Kong Eng ran over to the screaming couple, opened a back panel and killed the power to the washer. He was able to free the boy.

The prosecutor’s office says the incident doesn’t appear to be criminal, but it is asking the man and woman to come forward and prove the boy is okay.