One lucky girl, Emily Cushing of South Toms River, isn't even in high school yet, and she's going to be Mayor.

Emily Cushing was selected as Mayor for a Day in South Toms River after she posted this photo on a South Toms River Facebook page (Lori Cushing)

Cushing is the first student to be chosen for Mayor For A Day, a developing program within South Toms River.

She was chosen because of her initiative to get speed bumps onto the neighborhood roads, said Borough Administrator Joseph Kostecki.

Mayor Champagne will introduce Cushing, who will then lead the governing body and attendees through the beginning portion of the agenda.

"It's all about building a sense of community and developing a strong understanding of how the government operates at the local level," said Kostecki.

The borough hopes Mayor For A Day inspires the area's future leaders to become more involved in their community and active in the local government.

"When you recognize people for volunteerism, it is very reciprocal," said Kostecki. "It creates an increased engagement and sense of community."

Cushing will lead the governing body this Monday at 7 p.m.

Kostecki says more students will get the chance in a schedule still being formed.