If you think that New Jersey's public education financing strategy needs an overhaul - or maybe more importantly, if you don't - Governor Chris Christie outlines his Fairness Formula on Thursday, September 15, at the Bayville Elks Lodge, Route 9 in Berkeley Township.

(Tim Larsen/Governor's Office)

The Governor has said that his proposal solves what he sees as the failure of urban educaiton, and the property-tax burden shared by homeowners.

Doors open at 2 PM, and seating is on a first-come-first-served basis. However, you can RSVP to FairnessFormula.Berkeley@nj.gov. No bags of any kind are permitted, and personal items are subject to searches.

New Jersey Supreme Court rulings and state legislation stemming from the Abbott v. Burke case in the 1980s were based on the premise that children in poorly-financed districts lack the opportunity for thorough and efficient education enjoyed by students in other school systems.

There 31 districts in the state that benefit from additional income derived through taxation. Per-student costs vary widely in all districts. Governor Christie contends that the funding stream has not produced the anticipated results, at the expense of taxpayers elsewhere in New Jersey.

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