Gov. Chris Christie is vowing to to push his plan for a new middle-class tax cut.

Governor Christie joins Eric Scott in studio for "Ask The Governor" (Photo by Annette Petriccione)

"What we need to do is send people some of their money back and cut spending in order to pay for it," said Christie during last night's edition of "Ask The Governor."

He said you can cut spending and the sun still comes up every morning, and services are being provided kids are going to school, hospitals are open and providing care.

The Governor pointed out those opposed to his plan have argued we should not cut taxes because the revenues may not be there.

"We should go ahead and do it - and if the revenues turn out not to be there in the future, I have said in my proposal , unilaterally, let the Legislature vote, both Houses, that the tax cut has to stop cause we don't have the money."

He said if Democrats do not approve this, then they're talking out of both sides of their mouth.

"Because when they say they want tax relief, but they're worried they won't have the revenues, and I give them a way to stop it - if they don't do that then they were lying to you all along."

Christie also stressed it's ridiculous for some lawmakers to argue we have to figure out a way to pay for a tax cut, because the money comes from the people in the first place- and the job of the state official is not to protect government spending, but rather to protect taxpayer money.

"I think the tax cut will be passed. I believe that giving the people some of their money back is such a powerful issue that it will happen. But if it does not, I will spend all summer and fall talking about it."

Under Christie's plan, New Jersey taxpayers can claim an income tax credit of up to 10 percent of their property tax bill.

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