As the Gubernatorial Election draws closer, Governor Christie is stressing his focus on improving education in the Garden State.

Governor Chris Christie in Camden (NJ Office of Information Technology)

"There are many children in struggling Jersey public schools that are not reaching their potential, who have all the God-given talent to someday be standing up here as Governor, but might not be if we don't have the guts and the will to stand up to a broken system," said Governor Christie.

He stressed all kids deserve the right to grow and learn.

"Children in our cities, children in our suburbs, children in our urban areas - it applies the same. I absolutely believe in my heart that God has made all of these children special and unique."

The Governor added, as adults, we all have "a moral obligation to figure out the way to deal with each of those special and unique beings, and to bring out the greatest in their potential."

"There's nothing that's more important to me as Governor, and I mean nothing than succeeding in our education system."

He also said it's simply unacceptable that New Jersey spends as much money as we do on education, and has as great a tradition as we do, and some school districts continue to flounder and struggle.

"We see children succeed wherever we're willing to challenge the system as it stands now, " said Christie. "It's critically important to continue to fight to improve the system."