With just two years to go until the Super Bowl comes to New Jersey, Governor Christie is calling out the owners of the Giants and Jets, regarding the American Dream at the Meadowlands lawsuit.

Standing in Bergen County, where the game will take place in 2014, Christie said the owners of the teams, the developer and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority were in negotiations to reach an agreement on the teams’ problems with the new complex when they filed litigation without notice.

“I’m very disappointed in the approach the teams have taken, I think its anti-New Jersey and I think that’s unfortunate”.

The teams sued because of fears of traffic nightmares during game days. The project, created by developer Triple 5, who built the Mall of America, would’ve included an amusement park and water park along with shopping and entertainment options.

Christie said the teams filing suit delays the completion of a project that’s important for the state.

“I think its the wrong approach, especially for the folks that have benefited so mightily from the taxpayers of the state, now take this aggressive action before we can come to a conclusion, let’s be honest the Jets and Giants got a pretty sweet deal in getting this new stadium under former Governor Codey. This delays work for a lot of people, in construction, jobs when this gets finished and much needed revenue for the state.”

Christie says the parties involved will continue to have conversations and hopes work will resume on American Dream this fall.

“Jon Hanson is leading that effort for me along with Wayne Hasenbalg at the sports authority. I’m hopeful it will bear fruit. As I’ve said before, I’m disappointed in the Mara family, I’m disappointed in the Tisch family, and I’m disappointed in Woody Johnson for the approach they took…and that, I’m sure, comes as no great shock to them.”