New Jersey’s annual battle with biting mosquitoes is on for another Summer.  And so far this season, it’s going better than it usually does.

Ary Farajollahi is Director of Mercer County Mosquito Control, “We’re actually doing okay right now.”

He says there was concern early on this year, following the unusually warm winter, that Jersey’s “national bird” would get a jump-start on breeding and proliferating.  Farajollahi says, “we experienced some of the warmest temperatures on record, not just during the previous winter, but also in the early spring.”

But a dry patch of Spring weather with little rainfall cut down on standing water, the bugs’ prime breeding ground.   Also if you remember, we did have a little bit of a cold spell there for awhile. Farajollahi says if we don’t have the standing water, also known as the typical mosquito’s aquatic habitat, we are not going to have as large of a mosquito population.

He says mosquito eradication efforts right now center on impressing homeowners with the importance of ridding their properties of water in puddles or small containers.

Farajollahi says, “this is an especially critical period for us, where we acquire the assistance of the homeowners to make sure that they are not accumulating any standing water that might be in their own backyard.”