Congratulations to Monsignor Donovan basketball standout Dana Carbone who yesterday verbally committed to attend Monmouth University of a full athletic scholarship. 

Dana Carbone with Monsignor Donovan coach Jerry Bruno (photo courtesy Jerry Bruno)


Monsignor Donovan's Dana Carbone (photo courtesy Jerry Bruno)

Carbone made the commitment to Hawks coach Jenny Palmateer at the high school with her parents and Griffins coach Jerry Bruno also on hand.

Dana did it all for Mon Don last winter, averaging 18 points and over 5 assists a game and at 5’11 she is one of the most versatile players at the shore.  Carbone is an honor roll student, president of the Student Council and an outstanding javelin thrower on the track team.

I have mentioned from time to time my driving “pet peeves” and I have a new one that has moved quickly to the top of my list.

You are driving on a highway or local road and you see a sign that reads “right lane closed in 1000 feet.”  You (or me) move into the left lane and then notice cars in the right continue to not only stay in that lane but of course they are passing you.

Now comes a sign that reads “right lane closed in 500 feet” but guess what?  Vehicles continue to fly by you on the right and by now you are getting really ticked off.  The traffic is slowing down and the point in which the lanes merge is quickly approaching but cars continue to stay in the right lane because obviously there time is more important than yours.

Finally you get to that point where the two lanes are coming into one and there on your right is someone wanting to squeeze in.  If you’re a mature, level-headed person you do the right thing and let them in.  If you’re me you give them a dirty look, possibly a sign of your displeasure and make sure there is no way they get in front of you.  Road rage…you bet!

By now if you’re a regular listener you know of my fandom when it comes to Penn State University which pre-dates both by children going to school there.  So I was obviously pleased when the NCAA announced Tuesday they are going to relax the sanctions levied against the school following the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Penn State will gradually get back football scholarships that were taken away and it seems there is a possibility a bowl ban may be lifted in the future.  The NCAA said it’s because the university has made significant improvements in its athletic program but common sense tells you they realize they went way overboard in the unprecedented actions they took against the school.