It's National Radio Day!  And those little words..Good Morning have given me a career, laughter, tears, friends and the best job in the world--thank goodness for the radio!

A letter from that lonely radio - dusty in your closet!

Hi, I'm the one you used to listen to all the time..I'd make your feet tap and I'd give you all the information you'd ever need.  One day in the not so far past, I gave you all the entertainment ever needed.  Do you remember me on the table and your family surrounding me waiting for that next show to come on!  Now in the technology world, I get put aside...but I still notice you have me.  I'm just put away for now, but never forgotten.  And one day you'll open up that closet door, wipe me off and say, "Hi there friend".  And I will say, " I'm always here for you"!

Sincerely and waiting patiently,

Your radio

That's one thing you can always say about that cute, dusty radio in your closet...that radio and the people on the radio (us).....We are always here for you and we'll always be your friend when you need us!  All the years to come radio will always be the same, maybe some changes along the way, but that same best friend you always depended on.