While hundreds of volunteers were cleaning the Jersey Shore Beaches over the weekend, I had embarked on my own massive clean-up project:  my kitchen. It was time to de-funk the microwave, and remove the mystery goo from the shelves in the refrigerator.  The microwave task was easy.  I "nuked" a cup of hot water, then sprayed some cleaner and wiped it all down.  The fridge task proved challenging.  What is all that sticky stuff on the shelves?  Do my salad dressings and juice bottles leak in the middle of the night?  I wondered how to remove these mystery stains.    After the cleaning spray failed to do the trick, I turned to a box of baking soda.  I sprinkled it over the residue, gave it a good scrub, and it worked!  Since I flunked out of "Domestic Goddess School" I was excited to discover a little trick like this.  So much so that I wanted to share my secret ingredient with you.  Do you have a favorite cleaning tip?  Maybe something your mother taught you that you will pass on to your kids?  Please share!  Your suggestions will help make Spring Cleaning go a little easier for everyone reading this blog.