I love the colors of Fall, until they are all over my lawn! ~ Shawn Michaels


So did you spend your weekend like I did, trying to get rid of those leaves? It's that time of year and they are EVERYWHERE! Luckily in many towns now the local municipalities offer "leaf mulching" .... our town is one of them. If your town does then you know how it works. You have to rake your leaves into neat piles on the edge of your property and then the town comes by in their "Dr. Suess" mobile and sucks up the leaves and mulches them. It is a great way to eliminate plastic bags and re-purpose the piles....definitely "green". Check with your town on leaf removal ....

Did you take advantage of the beautiful weather to work in your yard ?

There's a lot of good reasons for using mulched leaves .... the fact more towns are composting and throwing less leaves into landfills , is good news. So whether your mulching leaves yourself or letting your township do it .... it's all good for mother earth and I guess it's a good work-out for us to get the rakes out and get it done.

I am glad I invested in a leaf blower at the end of last season, it's a must have for Fall.