I can't believe it! Abby is going to First Grade, already!

We were in The Home Depot the other day and this beautiful older woman said to me and Abby, "Cherish every minute with your little one...it goes so fast".  Those words are so true.  I think at that point we were looking for a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner and it made me stop and just think about every moment in Abby's life.  I remember her spitting up all the time on her formula, the first words she said, the first time she kissed our dog, her little pigtail on the top of her hair and her smile that still shines today.  And as we're standing in the the store...she says, "Are we going to go soon"?  And that brought me right back to my lovely 6 year old.  I looked at her and said, "I love you so much".  She said,"I know".  That's all I had to hear and we moved on.  I will always remember what that nice woman said to us. 

Thank You!

Wow First Grade..Abby! 

What grade is your little one going into?  Or big one...(High School, College??)  Have a fun school year!