A proposed Garden State Parkway shoulder expansion project continues to create controversy among several residents on two streets in Toms River.

First we heard from people who own homes on Todd Road. Now West Whitty Road is joining in the growing opposition, citing health, safety and quality of life concerns. A huge issue was over the noise that would be around from cars once trees are cut down on their property and in the adjacent area. The project would expand shoulders in the area from Toms River all the way to Wall Township.

A letter was recently sent to Todd Road homes explaining they don't fit the requirements for a sound wall, but the New Jersey Turnpike Authority would use sound dampening pavement and will try and keep the trees up.

Toms River Councilman Maurice Hill is worried too - about the potential for problems, especially by Old Freehold Road. He says "it's not just the sound. It's also the lights from the road. If you're sitting at that intersection, it will be confusing for drivers both on the Parkway and the main road there. The proximity is too close."

The Council is looking into possibly drafting a resolution against the plan. There's also an issue regarding a water retention basin near the properties. Hill explains "a lot of those people have wells for water in their yards. Putting a retention basin there is concerning because you don't want that runoff from the roadway in the water supply. We have to look into this further and take action."

Hill has been in touch with State DOT boss Jim Simpson and they may eventually hold a public meeting to hear from all sides and address any worries the people may have.