Five funerals were scheduled today for those who died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday while another moving performance pays tribute to the victims.

Boy Scouts await a funeral procession for Benjamin Wheeler, 6, (in photo), at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown, CT (John Moore/Getty Images)

Catherine Hubbard, Grace McDonnell, Benjamin Andrew Wheeler, Jesse Lewis and Allison Wyatt were all scheduled to be laid to rest in Newtown today.

In New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told mourners at the funeral of Anne Marie Murphy that the teacher "brought together a community, a nation, a world, now awed by her own life and death." Murphy's father, Hugh McGowan, said authorities told him that she died trying to protect her young pupils.

"Like Jesus, Annie laid down her life for her friends," Dolan said. "Like Jesus, Annie's life and death brings light, truth, goodness and love to a world often shrouded in darkness, evil, selfishness and death."


Vice President Joe Biden says the Obama administration is "absolutely committed" to curbing gun violence in the United States and will push to tighten gun laws in response to last week's schoolhouse massacre in Connecticut. He is meeting with cabinet members and law enforcement from around the country today.

Biden says he and Obama believe that, "even if we can only save one life, we have to take action."

A U.S. Justice Department official told The Associated Press on Thursday that Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Newtown on Friday to meet with first responders and law enforcement officials.

Funerals will continue on Friday and Saturday.


Nancy J. Lanza mother of suspected mass shooter Adam Lanza (Family of Nancy Lanza/ABC News via Getty Images)

Connecticut's chief medical examiner says arrangements are being made out of state for the burial of the mother of Adam Lanza.

The New Haven Register reports that Dr. H. Wayne Carver said a funeral home outside Connecticut wants to claim the body of Nancy Lanza, who was shot last Friday by her son shortly before he headed to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he went on a deadly rampage.

Carver says he doesn't know the name of the funeral home, but says police in New Hampshire are fielding questions from the media. The are trying to be discreet about it and avoid media attention.

Nancy Lanza once lived in New Hampshire and her brother is a retired police captain in Kingston, N.H. Adam was born in neighboring Exeter, New Hampshire.

Adam Lanza's body has yet to be claimed following usual protocol.

The final 13 on Fox's The X-Factor performed Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone in tribute to the victims.

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