Police are looking for the person who drove a stolen front-end loader into a Westville diner.

Front end loader driven into the Piston Diner in Westville (Twitter)

Police say the machine was hot-wired from a construction site and smashed through a wall of the Piston Diner on Crown Point Road around 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

WPVI TV reports the front-end loader was driven south on Route 130 before making a U-turn and heading for the diner.

There are no reports of injuries.

Surveillance video shows the driver jumped off after the crash and got into a waiting silver car.

Westville Police Chief Fred Lederer tells WCAU TV bottles of alcohol were found inside the front-end loader and they were able to lift fingerprints.  Lederer says he's been in the town for 25 years and this was a first.

The owner of Piston Diner, Jason Kramer, told WPVI  that had just reopened the diner after a 3-month renovation.  "we were celebrating 90 days, and everything was on the up. I mean, we provided jobs in the town. You know, and it sucks because the economy is terrible as it is, and alls we did was bring a good restaurant into town, you know, good home cooking."

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