My family moved to Toms River from North Jersey in 1988 and we've been in the same home since I was two-months old in March of 1992, (I was born January 19th).

Ever since they moved down here my parents have had 92.7 WOBM playing in our kitchen every morning during breakfast, and that streak still goes on today.

My earliest memories of listening to 92.7 WOBM were towards the end of the '90's as a kid going to Hooper Avenue Elementary School.

Even into the new century, some of my most 'favorite' memories were hearing Shawn Michaels and Sue Moll the morning after or the morning that it was snowing outside.

My younger siblings and I would run down the stairs and get close to the radio with our pajamas inside out and fingers crossed hoping Shawn or Sue would say 'Toms River Regional Schools...CLOSED!'

Then there was pandemonium for all of three minutes, then back to bed.

If schools were open or delayed, it was a slow walk back up the stairs to get dressed.

Fast-forward to middle/high school when listening to the news and sports was always something I wanted to listen to.

Doing play-by-play for a Toms River East football game in my junior year of high school at TR Schools TV21, I finally got to meet Kevin Williams who I'd heard on the radio for years and someone who like Shawn & Sue and so many others was like an icon growing up.

Nervously I shook his hand and introduced myself back in 2008 and he was such a down to earth guy.

In the fall of 2017, Kevin and I shared the broadcast booth together along with Ed Sarluca, calling high school football for the Shore Sports Network.

I graduated Sacred Heart University in four-years with a B.A. back in 2014. By August 2015, I was working with Kevin as a reporter for the Shore Sports Network.

Two months later, I was a reporter for WOBM-News, to later become a weekend news anchor and by January 2017 through today, your morning news anchor for WOBM, Beach Radio, and 94.3 The Point.

I was mentored by Tom Mongelli and Dianne DeOliveira who I listened to growing up.

As a kid being able to be on the radio for the stations I grew up listening to was a dream I didn't think was I'm living the dream with so many amazing people I not only call co-workers, but friends.

Here are some of my favorite days working for WOBM:

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