Oh Yum, grab one today!  It's National Lemonade Day.  We had a break in the humidity in the last couple of weeks...but we're warming up here at the Shore this week!

Lemonade just shouts, "Summer" to me.  At Christmastime I don't sit around the tree sipping lemonade or toasting the New Year with a lemonade.  There's only one time for me when I love lemonade and that's on a hot Summer day!

How do you like your lemonade?  I love my sweetened...homemade, freshly squeezed lemons and the lemons in the lemonade.  On the boardwalk is usually where I can find the ultimate lemonade!  My mouth is watering for a lemonade right now!  Are you more of a sweet or a sour lemonade drinker?  I'm definitely on the sweeter side.



Alex's Lemonade Stand is coming to town!  Food, Entertainment, Music, Auction and so much more!  It's all about raising money for Cancer and buying a refreshing lemonade!

This Weekend / August 23rd - August 24th - August 25th / All Day Long


2479 Church Road, Toms River

(732) 920-3276


Where do you get that "perfect" lemonade?  Do you like lemonade?  How do you like it?