Calling the recent toll increases on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike a burden on Ocean County workers, a County official is trying to come up with ways to give residents some relief.

Freeholder Joe Vicari is mulling over one plan. "So what was talked about and perhaps I may suggest this, is to have a tax deduction in the State of New Jersey to give credit to anyone who spends over $500 a year using E-Z Pass, to use that as a deduction, at least it's something to help out."

Vicari says the 50% increase that went into effect in January is creating a lot of hardships to many of the residents through out Ocean County because the Parkway is such a vital roadway.

The veteran public official also says he was told by residents who remember when the toll road was constructed, that Parkway tolls were to have been eliminated once the highway was paid for. "I think there should be a law enacted that says there will never be another toll increase on the Garden State Parkway because they broke a promise and they continue to break that promise and because of mismanagement the residents of Ocean County are paying for it."

Vicari believes residents using local roads to avoid the Parkway are paying additonal cost for fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

He's seeking the public's input on other ideas to ease the burden of commuting.