Did you hear that noise this morning?  It was the sound of everyone in Ocean County groaning as they realized they did not win the MegaMillions jackpot and therefore had to wake up and go to work as usual. Like Justin wrote last night, it's exciting to dream about life as a multi-millionaire.  In my mind, I was visualizing the awesome home theatre and amazing backyard pool I would have built in my new mega-mansion.  And yes, I'll be buying some tickets for Friday's drawing, like I'm sure many of you will.  But it's a good time for us to remember that "the best things in life are free."  So to help us all feel a little better about being "Lottery Losers" today, let's make a list of some enjoyable things or experiences that don't cost anything.  Please post below some things you like to do in town that are free.  Your comments below will help the rest of us "non-millionaires" remember that we don't have to be rich to be happy or have fun.   Here are some ideas to get us started:  a hug, a smile, a compliment, a walk in a garden, a dog's tail wagging.  And how about the entertainment you can get for free, from the Ocean County Library or from your favorite radio station, WOBM?