The Surfrider Foundation is boldly exploring a new vision in post-Sandy rebuilding, despite the popularity of the phrase "Restore the Shore."


Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager John Weber said they've launched a new website to collect ideas and photos on what really needs to be rebuilt and how can we rebuild to withstand the next Sandy.

Weber said the Surfrider Foundation has its own ideas about how the coast should look. He said they are not in favor of seawalls because they tend to make public beaches disappear, as well as some beach replenishment projects.

"We think there are ways we could rebuild the Jersey Shore that would lessen the need for both," Weber said.

Weber added the purpose of the site is to serve as a clearinghouse of information that highlights good and bad things that have resulted from rebuilding.

Anyone with ideas or photos can post them on the website.

The site has a unique feature in which Instagram photos can be labeled with #rethinknj, the photo will actually appear on that section of the site.