Over the weekend my Polish friends hosted a lovely brunch complete with kielbasa and pierogis.  They were a delicious treat that I was grateful for.  But in talking with them, I realized I never serve this ethnic food myself.  I grew up with it.  Polish foods would always make their way into our holiday meals and sometimes we’d have pierogis as a non-hoilday side dish.

So as I commit to getting more of those foods back on my table, I want to ask about the foods from  your heritage that you enjoy eating or making.

It goes without saying that a lot of Jersey Shore Italians are still making gravy on Sundays and enjoying big family dinners with homemade pastas.

What about those of you with a German or Mexican background? What recipes from your grandparents do you still like to make?

And let’s hear from those with origins in the rest of Europe, as well as Asia, and the Middle East?

Whatever your background, are you still serving dishes that were inspired by those places?