Take a look at that picture to the left. Notice anything unusual? Yes, those are ducks swimming around my car.

One of the nice things about my area is that we have some very picturesque ponds and lots of open space. The bad part - it floods, badly. There's one area where there are two ponds right across the street from each other, when it really rains they actually spread across the road and connect to form one big pond that you have to hold your breath, hit the gas and hope to make it through in order to get to my side of the neighborhood.

We have some absolutely fantastic features here in Ocean County (and yes, some not so fantastic, too), but along with being right on the shore, comes those irritating "Coastal Flood Warnings" that we're so used to by now.

So what's the worst area for flooding where you are? Leave a comment and let us know where we should avoid when the Summer storms come around!