Federal money is flooding into Sea Bright - to prevent flooding.

The town today won a $1,370,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for bulkhead repairs through the agency's Hazard Mitigation Program.

In announcing the allocation, Representative Frank Pallone (D-6) characterized it as critical.

"Chronic flooding has sadly become a regular occurrence in the lives of residents and business onwers of these neighborhoods," said the Long Branch native in a statement, "and the bulkheads will go a long way to minimize flooding and protect the community."

Sea Bright is built on a narrow strip between the Atlantic Ocean and the Shrewsbury River. High tides or storms can trigger floods. When it's both at once, conditions deteriorate even more.

A new bulkhead is designated for Beach Way. Repairs are targeted for River Street, South Street, beach Street, Center Street and also Osborne Place, which is also scheduled for a submersible pump.

The Army Corps of Engineers recently committed $12,300,000 to beach restoration for Sea Bright and neighboring Monmouth Beach.