I was checking out this article from our colleagues over at TheFW about places with funny names and it made me think of some of the interesting areas around here and other places I've lived. And how those places can help you immediately pick out a local from a transplant who hasn't done their homework. The best example from a place I used to live; if you ever go out to Amish country in Pennsylvania and want to sound like a local, it's "LAN-kist-er", not "lan-CAST-er".

But what about around here?

  • Taking the most obvious example from the map above, we all know it's "fork-ID" River, not "FORK-t" River.

  • Yes, there is a difference between Point Pleasant Borough and Point Pleasant Beach. If someone tells you to meet them "in Point Pleasant", you might want to ask them to specify.

  • There's an even bigger difference between Egg Harbor Township and Little Egg Harbor Township. Put the wrong one in your GPS and you just set your trip back a good hour or so.

  • We're the Jersey Shore, we are not South Jersey, thank you very much.

  • And finally, speaking of the other Jersey Shore, those places that you see Snooki and company at on TV? Let's be honest, you'll only find Bennys there, us locals know the good places... and we're not telling.

So what are the ways you can tell the locals from the outsiders? Leave a comment below and let us know what sticks out to you!