You might want to add something to your list of things to do this weekend - go gas up all of your vehicles.

The numbers in the photo above will be a thing of the past, probably forever, starting next week.

We've known that the gas tax hike has been coming for a number of weeks now, but time is running out, and the change won't be subtle.

$0.23 may not seem like much when you look at it on paper, but it adds up pretty quickly when you're filling a whole tank.

If you drive an average sized car with a tank around 14 gallons, you'll get hit with an extra $3.22 when you fill up after November 1st, when the tax goes into effect. 

Drive an SUV or pickup with a tank twice that size? Well, you can do the math!

I filled up yesterday and there were already some pumps that had run dry. As the weekend progresses, don't be surprised if you see more orange cones and lines.

The early bird gets the cheaper gas, so go fill up soon!

Where have you seen the best gas prices in Ocean County? Comment below and share with the class!


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