What's with all the Royal hatred?

The tabloid Sun changes its name in celebration of the birth of the royal baby (Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, news that was considered joyful by many folks here and across the pond.  As I enthusiastically told the people in my circle that the future King had been born, I was surprised at the reactions I got.

"Who cares?   People have babies every day.  When will the TV news stop talking about this?"

I'll admit, for one family to grab so much of the world's attention does seem a little odd to us who do not live with the Monarchy.  But isn't it refreshing to see something positive going on, at a time when there's so much unrest, violence, and vitriol in the news?  Can't we take a little time to share the joy of a family and a nation?  Can't we express relief and gratitude that the baby and his mother are healthy?

The formality and wealth that surrounds the Queen and her family is a time-honored tradition that's not going to end, just because some people feel it's stupid and wasteful...so why can't we accept this part of their culture?

My trip to London last year reminded me that the Royals make many citizens proud and gives them something to feel good about.  What's wrong with that?   Okay, so the Royal Family is way richer than you or I will ever be, but they're also donating to charities in amounts we could never conceive of.

As I was doing some research, I learned something that surprised me a bit:   We can actually "write to the Queen" by using the link included in the official British Monarchy website.   This site will also show you some of the history of the Monarchy and the charities it supports.  royal.gov.uk/

So how do you feel about the British Monarchy?   Interested in all the Royal Baby News or not?  Please comment below.