Father's Day is quickly sneaking up on us in only 3 more days (if you haven't even gotten a card yet, hurry up, I found out the hard way last night that the good ones are quickly running out!).

When it comes to the smaller holidays, Mother's Day is usually easier to shop for. Many moms are happy with sentimental gifts; a family photo, something nice for the front porch or garden, etc. But I always find it trickier to shop for Dad when June rolls around.

I don't know about your father, but mine already has almost every grilling accessory you can imagine, he's not one to watch many DVDs or wear a whole lot of ties (and come on, a tie for Father's Day? That's almost like giving a bad sweater for Christmas), so what do you do?

Thankfully I have two siblings (plus two siblings' significant others), so for the last few years some of us have gotten together to go in on a bigger gifts, but there are only so many tool sheds and grilling gazebos one can have.

Here's an interesting fact while we're talking about Father's Day; did you know that Mother's Day has been a holiday in the US since the late 1800's but Father's Day has only been official since the 1970's? Who knew?

So what are your plans for Father's Day? Is the Dad in your life hard to shop for or is it a pretty simple task? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!