The family of a New Jersey toddler removed from a Newark-bound JetBlue flight because her name triggered a warning in the airline’s internal system is still waiting for a direct apology.

“This family hasn’t even gotten an apology. Nothing. JetBlue didn’t even call to say they’re looking into it,” family spokesman Rick Abbott told the New York Post.  “JetBlue issued an apology to the media, but what kind of apology is that?

The family, who has asked to remain unidentified,  was removed from the plane in Fort Lauderdale and met by TSA agents and Broward County, Fla. Sheriff’s Officers. Riyanna’s parents said they were humiliated and highly embarrassed by the incident. They have since returned to New Jersey without incident.

“A customer’s boarding pass was flagged in our system as being on the No Fly list,” according to a statement issued by the airline Friday morning.

JetBlue spokeswoman Tamara Young defended the airline’s action, explaining that “When uncertainty arises, we err on the side of caution, follow protocol and do not assume.” The TSA had cleared the unidentified family to board the plane.

The father says he and his wife are of middle eastern descent but were born and raised in the United States.