When I pulled into my parking spot at work this morning for some reason I had memories of what is was like about five months earlier when the street outside our downtown Toms River office would be filled with mostly young people playing Pokémon Go even at 4 o’clock in the morning.

If ever anything summed up the definition of FAD that was it as for weeks almost zombie-like creatures filled the streets obsessed with this game played on their smart phone.

A fad or craze is often defined as a trend that becomes popular very quickly, remains that way for a relatively short time and then fades into obscurity or just becomes an accepted part of society’s culture.

Don’t ask me why all of a sudden this morning I started thinking about those Pokémon Go days. Maybe it was because I was wondering would that craze have taken off in the winter when standing outside for hours would be a bit uncomfortable?   I don’t know but it did start me thinking about fads I’ve witnessed or been a part of through the years.

Hula Hoops                                                                            Crocs

Slinky                                                                                     Bell bottoms

The Super Ball                                                                     Doc Martens

The yellow smiley face (have a nice day)                           Selfie Sticks

Girls wearing leg warmers                                                  Lava lamps

Rubik’s Cube                                                                        Marbles

Waterbeds                                                                           Silly putty

Toga parties                                                                         Streaking

Beanie babies                                                                      Goldfish swallowing

Mood rings                                                                           Pet rocks

Diets like Atkins, South Beach and Zone                           Disco dancing

In doing some research I also found that most lists about the biggest fads include UGG boots. which I happening to be wearing today.