Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday and remains an integral part of many web surfers life.The social networking site launched on February 4th, 2004 and was available to students of Harvard University, where creator’s Mark Zuckerberg lived. Since then, the social networking site has gone worldwide, amassing roughly one point two billion users.

While the site started out as a way for students to share class schedules and keep in touch, it has since evolved into a completely different site, with every person having their own way of using it.

“Basically I use to communicate with friends and organize public events,” said one young male user, while a college female Facebook-er said she uses it as a “a public photo album”.

“All I ever do is scroll on my news feed or upload photos,” she said.

As large as the site is, recent studies show the younger demographics are slowly moving away from it. Many people mention more of their friends using more sites like Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, which allow users to simply share a message or photo without many of the add ons Facebook offers.

As the site was touted for its ability to let users keep in touch, other social networking sites, the advancement of smartphones, as well as blogging sites like Tumblr make it easier to do so with or without Facebook.

“I could live without it, with everyone having it so long, you reconnect with those friends and you don’t need it.”