I'm one of those people who always wears sunglasses. Even when it's overcast, but still on the bright side, I just switch to different lenses (yes, I like expensive sunglasses). But apparently I'm not just one of those guys who thinks he's cool, I've been practicing good eye health all these years, who knew?

Look at it this way - if it's a day that you decide that you should be wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays, you should be wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from those same harmful sunbeams.



Not only should we, as adults, be wearing sunglasses on a regular basis, but these same experts are reminding us to make sure our kids are wearing shades as well.

But I do have to say, when they say that everyone should be wearing eye protection, I don't know that they necessarily had this in mind:

Yes, that is, in fact, a real product.