A onetime security guard for Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City faces the prospect of 15 years in prison for an armed robbery he admitted staging in the gaming hall after he was terminated.

Izyiah Plummer (NJ Dept. of Corrections)

Izyiah Plummer, 21, of Atlantic City, pleaded guilty Monday to all four counts of his August 20, 2015 indictment, according to the office of New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino.

The sentence sought by prosecutors would include a mandatory term of almost 13 years before parole consideration.

Plummer was charged with first-degree armed robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault and weapons violations for the July 2014 holdup of a security guard and another employee who were emptying cash from a kiosk.

Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that a former security guard at the Caesars Casino in Atlantic City has pleaded guilty to committing an armed robbery at the casino in 2014 after he was fired from his job.

Nathaniel Greenlee, 23, and Donavon Jackson, 22, of Delaware, pleaded guilty to second-degree theft counts in June. Prosecutors will recommend seven-year terms for each.

The final defendant, Aaron Evans, 26, of Atlantic City, faces first-degree robbery and second-degree conspiracy counts.

Investigators said that at about 6:18 PM, Plummer and the suspect they believe to be Evans strode into the casino, masked and gloved. Plummer was accused of pointing a handgun at the employees as they loaded full cash boxes onto a trolley, getting away with about $181,200 but dropping one of the boxes on the way out.

A subsequent warrant search at Plummer's apartment revealed a black ski mask, ammo for a .38 special handgun and $43,900 cash, investigators said. Evans's home was said to have contained $4,300 cash, and a cash box handle was found in the street adjacent to his house, authorities said.

Criminal charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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