When I'm at work or away from home without my dog, I have a baby gate that I put up to block off the upstairs portion of my home. The funny thing is, I've come home a few times to find it knocked down and my dog happily snoozing on my bed.

So, obviously, I know that she can knock it down. I think it's safe to assume that she knows that she can knock it down whenever she wants, so why doesn't she on a more regular basis?

I'm lucky in the sense that my dog doesn't get into trouble when I'm not home. When a thunder storm blows through, she sometimes spills her food, and every now and again there's a vomit accident here or there, but in general I just assume that she sleeps during the day.

Like many of us with pets, this author wondered what her dog did when she wasn't home. So she set up a "puppycam" to find out. She explains how she did it at the full story.

Would you be curious enough to set up a "puppycam"? Comment below and let us know what you think of spying on your best friend!