December 21, 2013 1:00 pm - December 30, 2013 5:00 pm
Pine Belt Arena
Toms River, NJ United States

Additional Information

The 30th Annual WOBM Christmas Classic will be played Dec. 21-30 at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River.

The WOBM Christmas Classic features 16 boys varsity and 16 girls varsity teams from Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Featured teams include:

Boys: Barnegat, Brick Memorial, Brick Township, Central Regional, Freehold Township, Jackson Memorial, Lacey, Manchester, Monsignor Donovan, Point Boro, Red Bank Catholic, St. Rose, Toms River East, Toms River North, Toms River South, Wall.

Girls: Barnegat, Brick Memorial, Freehold Township, Jackson Liberty, Jackson Memorial, Manasquan, Manchester, Monsignor Donovan, Ocean, Point Boro, Red Bank Catholic, Shore Regional, Toms River East, Toms River North, Toms River South, Wall.

The schedule is as follows:


(TRN-  Toms River North Gym)                   (PBA-Pine Belt Arena) 


Saturday, December 21 (BOYS 1st Round)

1:00     #6 Brick Memorial       vs.        #11      Donovan          (TRN)              Loser “A”

2:45     #3 TR South               vs.        #14      Barnegat          (TRN)              Loser “B”

4:30     #7 Manchester             vs.        #10      TR North         (TRN)              Loser “C”

6:15     #2 Wall                        vs.        #15      TR East           (TRN)              Loser “D”

1:30     #5 Freehold Township vs.       #12      Central             (PBA)              Loser “E”

3:15     #4 Red Bank Catholic  vs.        #13      Lacey               (PBA)              Loser “F”

5:00     #8 St. Rose      .           vs.        #9        Point Boro       (PBA)              Loser “G”

6:45     #1 Jackson Memorial   vs.        #16      Brick                (PBA)              Loser “H”

Sunday, December 22 (GIRLS 1st Round)

1:00     #6 Jackson Memorial   vs.        #11      TR North         (TRN)              Loser“I”

2:45     #3 Wall                  vs.        #14      Jackson Liberty  (TRN)              Loser “J”

4:30     #7 Shore         vs.        #10      TR East                        (TRN)              Loser “K”

6:15     #2 Manasquan         vs.        #15      Ocean              (TRN)              Loser “L”

1:30     #5 Donovan      vs.        #12      Brick Memorial            (PBA)              Loser “M”

3:15     #4 Freehold Township      vs.        #13      Manchester      (PBA)              Loser “N”

5:00     #8 Point Boro             vs.        #9        TR South         (PBA)              Loser“O”

6:45     #1 Red Bank Catholic  vs.        #16      Barnegat          (PBA)              Loser “P”

Thursday, December 26    (BOYS)

11:00   A         vs.        B          (PBA)  E          vs.        F          (TRN)

12:45   C          vs.        D         (PBA)  G         vs.        H         (TRN)

2:30     Winners (Brick Mem/Donovan)    vs.   (TRS/Barnegat)               Loser “U”

4:15     Winners (Manchester/TRN)     vs.        (Wall/TRE)                              Loser “V”

6:00     Winners (Freehold/Central)      vs.        (RBC/Lacey)                            Loser “W”

7:45     Winners (St Rose/Pt Boro)       vs.        (Jackson/Brick)                     Loser “X”

Friday, December 27 (GIRLS)

11:00   I           vs.        J           (PBA)  M         vs.        N         (TRN)

12:45   K         vs.        L          (PBA)  O         vs.        P          (TRN)

2:30     Winners (Jackson Mem/TRN)  vs.        (Wall/Jackson Liberty)             Loser “Q”

4:15     Winners (Shore/TRE)               vs.        (Manasquan/Ocean)                 Loser “R”

6:00     Winners (Donovan/Brick Mem)           vs.        (Freehold/Manchester)      Loser “S”

7:45     Winners (Pt Boro/TRS)                        vs.        (RBC/Barnegat)              Loser “T”

Saturday, December 28 (BOYS)

11:00   Winners (A-B/C-D)                  (PBA)  Losers  (A-B/C-D)        (TRN)

12:45   Winners (E-F/G-H)                  (PBA)  Losers  (E-F/G-H)        (TRN)

2:30     U         vs.        V                     (PBA)

4:15     W         vs.        X                     (PBA)

6:15     Boys Semifinal                                    (PBA)

8:00     Boys Semifinal                                    (PBA)             

Sunday, December 29 (GIRLS)        

11:00   Winners (I-J/K-L)                    (PBA)  Losers  (I-J/K-L)          (TRN)

12:45   Winners (M-N/O-P)                 (PBA)  Losers  (M-N/O-P)       (TRN)

2:30     Q         vs.        R                      (PBA

4:15     S          vs.        T                      (PBA)

6:15     Girls Semifinal                                    (PBA)

8:00     Girls Semifinal                                    (PBA)             

Monday, December 30 (All Games in PBA)

2:00     Boys 3rd Place Consolation

3:45     Girls 3rd Place Consolation

5:30     Girls Championship Final      (Game broadcast on 1160/1310AM)  

7:30     Boys Championship Final  (Game broadcast on 1160/1310AM)

For advertising opportunities in the official program, please contact Kevin Williams, at 848-221-8162 or Steve Mayer at 732-233-4460.