The threat of a Wednesday to Thursday Nor'easter triggers new evacuation orders in Ocean County townships with vulnerable coastal property.

Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Sandy (Mario Tama, Getty Images)

Toms River officials issued a mandatory evacuation notice for anyone working or staying in their barrier island communites, effective 12 Noon Wednesday. Portions of the coastal mainland are under voluntary evacuation notice as of 4 PM the same day.

Targeted mainland areas include  the downtown section, Silver Bay, Bayshore, Pelican Island, East Dover, Snug Harbor, Money Island, Green Island, Cambourne Shores, and Gilford Park.

Brick Township's coastal evacuation began at 6 PM, Berkeley's takes place at midnight for neighborhoods east of Bayview Avenue, from the Lacey Township border up through the Ocean Gate boundary.

The influx of returning refugees is placing a strain on churches and food pantries that are trying to feed everyone. Visitation Church in Brick and the Lacey United Methodist Church are asking anyone with food and water to spare to pitch in for the ongoing relief effort.

Updated tracking places the storm on a more eastern track than earlier predictions did, which means more of it 50 to 100 miles in the Atlantic than near land. However, sustained winds of 55 miles an hour - somewhat slower than Sandy hurled at the coast - and 6 to 10 foot waves are still expected.