Election Day is just around the corner. Actually it's even closer than that. Less than one week away. Those political campaign signs, which are a staple this time of year, seem to be just about everywhere this time around. Have you ever wondered what goes into making them?

"Vote for so & so. Re-elect insert name here." You've all seen them. The often bright and colorful ads with fancy fonts, bolded letters and a never ending list of names who want to represent you. Each has it's own distinct style. All of them keep the name recognition front and center when voters hit the polls. The main thing they have in common is readability whether on a front lawn, on the side of a road, in a window or on the facade of a building.

Angel Gelpi, a graphic designer with Sign-A-Rama in Toms River, has been doing these kinds of political ads for years. He says "with each one, you get better at it. There is a rhythm and you really get to be creative." Gelpi explains repetition is so important to get people out to cast their vote and the signs really do get the message across.

The process begins with a campaign manager bringing some ideas to the designer. From there, a proof is done. Once the approval is given, they can go to print within 24 hours. Campaigns usually include a certain number of signs for a flat price. For example, a thousand signs will cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 - depending on the size and type of printing done.

In addition to the redrawn Legislative districts, there will be Freeholder, Mayoral and other pivotal local races in both Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th. WOBM News and the Townsquare News Network will cover it live starting at 7 p.m., just one hour before the polls close. Listen live on-air, online or on your smart device.