Would you eat something called Malic Acid? How about Disodium Inosinate or Sodium Caseinate? Well if you've had ranch flavored tortilla chips lately, you have.

I can't necessarily say that I go nuts on watching every single thing that I put into my body. I mean hey, I indulge in the occasional Doritos as much as anyone, but if there's something I can make at home just as easily as buy pre-made, I try to make an effort to do that.

For example, if you look at the ingredients in pre-made teryaki chicken cutlets, you see things like "sodium phosphates", "maltodextrin", and "disodium guanylate". Sure, it may take a little more effort and cost a bit more, but you can buy fresh chicken breast, soy sauce, and a little honey and you know exactly what's going into your body. And, frankly, it'll probably taste better too.

Do you try to cook from scratch when you're able to, or do you prefer the simplicity of pre-prepared stuff? Leave a comment below and chime in!