If a street you habitually travel in Brick Township is riddled with craters and stopping at Town Hall when it's open isn't an option, let officials know electronically.

Flickr User Michael Gil

Mayor John Ducey has integrated a hotline and e-mail and Twitter accounts to incorporate homeowners, tenants and commuters into the township's Pothole Repair Program.

In a prepared statement, Ducey recognized the "havoc" that's descended on many township streets during the harsh winter's repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles.

"We are responsible for over 1,700 streets.  Our best resources to ensure a focused and efficient pothole repair program are the eyes of our residents," Ducey said.

Problem spots reported by citizens get priority consideration, Ducey said.

The Pothole Hotline is 732-451-4060, Option 1. Information can be sent to potholes@twp.brick.nj.us or tweeted to @TownshipofBrick, using the hashtag #BrickPothole.

In addition, the township is relying less on cold patches, leaning toward a cold asphalt mix in tending about 20 craters a day, Ducey said.

"In the past, we used cold patch for temporary fixes," said Township Councilman Jim Fozman, who chairs the Public Works Committee. "This new material we are testing is designed to be a more permanent solution [and] could lead to savings in the long run as we are not duplicating efforts by repairing the same pothole two or more times."