I'm feeling very sentimental today and emotional for some reason, so bear with me please.....

For me there is nothing better than knowing I'm going home for a visit.  And this weekend I'm going home.   When I visit Quakertown, PA where my whole family lives, there's a feeling of warmth that comes over me.

So when me and my daughter are driving through my hometown, I always point out the special spots that touched my life in more ways then I could ever imagine.  I get to show her where Poppy and Nanny, my parents,  had their little Ma and Pa news stand business.  It's where my family all worked  together and we'd always be there.  The store "The Quakertown News Agency" is still there and it still has the same name but it's not run by my Mom and Dad anymore...But great memories.   When we're living in that moment when we're younger, I think it's always about trying to get out of our parents house.  Leaving the area with all of the memories  and just wanting to move on.  But now a woman at the age of 40,  there's nothing better than being able to visit and know I'm so close to my Mom and Dad even with just a phone call.  I remember the days of walking in the mall and walking away from my Mom saying, "You're walking too close."  (How rude is that, oh geez my daughter will probably do the same thing to me one day.)  And now to just walk with her in the mall is a special gift.  In a lot of ways when we're younger we are selfish.  But as I became a Mother there is no better person in my life than my Mom and my Dad, too...(Can't forget about the man that thinks of me as his little girl and he'll always be the man in my heart.)  To have a loving family, my biggest fans ever and to know that when I call I make them smile everyday....it's a blessing that can't be ever taken for granted. 

Share some of your greatest memories from your hometown...it could be the smells, the people and/or just the feelings that make you feel like you're home!