Lacey Township high schoolers hoped to raise money by turning parking lot spaces into works of art. Now, the murals are in ruins, and police would like to hear from you if you recognize the vehicle believed to have caused the damage.

Driver of this pickup sought in Lacey Township (Lacey Township PD)

Spinning the tires across about 20 spaces at Lacey Township High School on the night of August 9, the driver left damage estimated at about $2,500, police said.

Damage in Lacey Twp. HS lot (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media)

Lacey Township High School Principal Gregory Brandis alerted them to the destruction the folloiwing afternoon..

A surveillance camera captured an image of a pickup truck with no bed attached, possibly a Ford and likely an older model. The driver likely faces a ciminal-mischief charge.

Damage in Lacey Twp. HS lot (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media)

Anyone with information that can advance the investigation can reach police anonymously through the Crime Tips portal on the Lacey Police web page, or speak directly to Detective Robert Surtees or Officer Michael Eden, 609-693-6636.

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