I had a pretty funny situation last weekend. Probably about 5 years ago I bought a fancy alarm clock for my nightstand that automatically adjusted to daylight savings time.

It was great, I never had to remember to "spring ahead" or "fall back". And then the Energy Policy Act of 2005 struck. Remember when that happened? By 2007 daylight savings time was shifted by a week in each direction. That fancy clock I just told you about had just become a huge pain twice a year. Last weekend it reared it's ugly digital head.

It was actually pretty funny in retrospect. My dad was helping me pick some furniture up and, knowing I like to sleep in on Sundays he said he'd wait till 10:30 to call. The phone call went something like this:

Me: (sounding groggy) Hello?

Dad: Did I wake you?

Me: (looking at my clock) Um, well it is 9:30

Dad: What? It's 10:30

Me: I'm looking at my clock, it's 9:30

Dad: It is?? Well then I just dropped Mary (my step-mother) off at church an hour early. Ok, sorry, go back to bed!

I then turned on my cell phone and realized that it was, in fact, 10:30. Boy, was my face red.

The sneaky alarm clock strikes again.

Moral of the story; if you have one of those clocks that automatically adjusts, it's probably a good idea to confirm with at least one other source.

And of course be sure to set your clocks back this Saturday when you go to bed.