Have you ever read the fine print on the back of a ticket to a baseball game? They usually say something along the lines of, you could get hit by a ball or a bat, you could be on TV, and by using the ticket you acknowledge these things. But one Yankees fan feels like the TV commentators went a little too far when the cameras zeroed in on him.

Apparently the game between the Yankees and Red Sox wasn't very exciting, and the cameras caught him snoozing right in his seat. The commentators had a bit of fun at his expense. Check out the video of the incident:


I mean, honestly, I don't think they were all that mean.

But the fan does, and he's suing.

He just filed a $10 million lawsuit against ESPN, Major League Baseball, The New York Yankees, and the TV announcers due to what he calls, “an avalanche of disparaging words” directed at him.

So, after watching the video, what do you think? Does he deserve a big pay day? Vote below and let us know!