plumandjello, flickr

Yes, is the answer!  A recent study focused on 80,000 (that's huge) people in Britain and it seems people are happier eating fruits and veggies!

People were asked to rate their lives ona  scale of 1 - 10.  Those who consumed eight or more servings of vegetables daily rated themselves happier, on average, than those who had no servings to speak of.  The effect was strongest for those who ate seven servings of produce daily.

With me, yes I love the chocolate chip cookies and the brownies and the peeps, but I also love the greens and I love blue berries especially and fruit.  I do not eat 7 servings a day of fruit..which I should...but I believe it makes me happy because I feel I'm giving my body healthy sugars.  Now if you'd ask me, Sue, "Would you rather grab a chocolate chip cookie or a banana"?  You know what my answer would be.  But I do love fruit, too.

So a couple of questions for you, Does eating healthier make you happy?  Or are you happy because you're eathing healthy?